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'Hate crime' and the city

Paul Iganski
Paperback, 168 pages, 234 x 156 mm
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09 Jul 2008

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"In 'Hate Crime and the City' Paul Iganski substantially increases our understanding of the dynamics of hate crimes. He provides a new level of conceptual clarity around the definition of the behaviors we have labeled as hate crimes. Dr Iganski's victim-centered approach offers a compelling and frightening explanation of the extent hate crimes may be normal acts by ordinary people. The observation that hate crimes may be more a result of everyday routines than actions by the most bigoted members of our society is important and chilling. Dr Iganski provides a number of thoughtful prevention recommendations involving the need for a multi-agency approach and the need for careful and thoughtful reactions to hate speech. This book is destined to become a classic in the area of hate crime research."
Jack McDevitt, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Director Institute on Race and Justice, Northeastern University, Boston
"This work adds significantly to the understanding of how organisations can counter race hatred more effectively within our society and provides an essential tool for practitioners in this field."
Peter Herbert, Metropolitan Police Authority member, Chair of the Society of Black Lawyers
"..a valuable insight for anyone wishing to focus on prevention work. ...Iganski's book advances the prevention agenda."
Runnymede Trust Bulletin, Sep 2008
"Hate Crime in the City is a great expose and critique of many issues that have been begging for a public airing in some time."
Gail Mason, University of Sydney Law School

About This Book

The impression often conveyed by the media about hate crime offenders is that they are hate-fuelled individuals who, in acting out their extremely bigoted views, target their victims in premeditated violent attacks. Scholarly research on the perpetrators of hate crime has begun to provide a more nuanced picture. But the preoccupation of researchers with convicted offenders neglects the vast majority of hate crime offenders that do not come into contact with the criminal justice system. This book, from a leading author in the field, widens understanding of hate crime by demonstrating that many offenders are ordinary people who offend in the context of their everyday lives. Written in a lively and accessible style, the book takes a victim-centred approach to explore and analyse hate crime as a social problem, providing an empirically informed and scholarly perspective. Aimed at academics and students of criminology, sociology and socio-legal studies, the book draws out the connections between the individual agency of offenders and the background structural context for their actions. It adds a new dimension to the debate about criminalising hate in light of concerns about the rise of punitive and expressive justice, scrutinizing the balance struck by hate crime laws between the rights of offenders and the rights of victims.

Author Biography

Paul Iganski is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Lancaster and specialises in research and writing on hate crime.


A victim-centred approach to conceptualising 'hate crime'
The normality of everyday 'hate crime'
The spatial dynamics of everyday 'hate crime'
Tensions in liberalism and the criminalisation of 'hate'
Including victims of 'hate crime' in the criminal justice policy process
Conclusions: understanding everyday 'hate crime'.


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