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Understanding disability policy

by Alan Roulstone and Simon Prideaux

"Disability policy has changed dramatically over the last fifty years and especially so since the turn of 21st century. Roulstone and Prideaux have produced a comprehensive and accessible analysis of these changes that will prove to be an invaluable text for students, researchers and policy analysts across a range of disciplines: highly recommended."
Colin Barnes, University of Leeds

Aimed at undergraduate students in social policy, sociology, social work, health and social care, public health, nursing and other practical vocational courses, Understanding Disability Policy brings together detailed and up-to-date disability policy insights and critically situates these into the broader policy context. Postgraduate taught and research students in this range of subjects will also be able to draw on sections of the book. Find out more about the book here.

You can find a variety of resources to supplement the text suitable for lecturers and students by using the links on the left.

The Student pages include details on policy themes and key legislation, as well as advice on further reading.

The 'For lecturers' section of the website offers sample essay questions and guidance, designed to give a good overview of the material drawing on content from more than one chapter at a time.

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