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About the Book

More and more people working in public services have to do research on top of their main jobs. This can include workplace research, such as evaluation, audit, training needs analysis or satisfaction surveys, or research for a professional development qualification such as diploma, master's degree or PhD. Unlike most how-to books that treat research as if it exists in isolation, this book will show you how to juggle research, work, family, and social life. Based on interviews with practitioners from health, education, social care, criminal justice, government and the third sector, as well as the author's extensive experience, it provides a wealth of practical information and tips to save you time, effort and stress. This book is for anyone in the public or third sector, an independent research organisation or academia, who wants to know how to do research on top of their main job and still have a life.


Overview of research
Research topics, proposals and plans
Managing the research process
Background research
Secondary data
Primary data collection
Data analysis
Writing up