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Journals: News & Highlights


Free journal articles for February

Policy & Politics
10 most read of 2015

Evidence & Policy
10 most read of 2015

Journal of Poverty & Social Justice
Housing policy in Scotland since devolution: divergence, crisis, integration and opportunity

Voluntary Sector Review
Towards community engagement in the governance of non-profit organisations

Families, Relationships & Societies
10 most read of 2015

Critical and Radical Social Work
Reviving social work through moral outrage

Policy & Politics: Editorial Board


Sarah AyresCo-Editor, University of Bristol, UK

Steve Martin, Co-Editor, Cardiff Business School, UK

Felicity Matthews, Co-Editor, Sheffield University, UK

Diane Stone, Consulting Editor, University of Canberra, Australia and University of Warwick, UK

Management Board

Alex Marsh, Chair of Board, University of Bristol, UK

Paul Fawcett, Associate Editor (Australasia), University of Canberra, Australia

Karin Ingold, Associate Editor (Europe), University of Bern, Switzerland

Thomas Johnson
, Associate Editor (East Asia), City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

Noémi Lendvai, Associate Editor (External Affairs), University of Bristol, UK

Felicity Matthews, Associate Editor (Internal Affairs), University of Sheffield, UK

Nikolaos Zahariadis, Associate Editor (North America), University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Publisher: Julia Mortimer, Policy Press, University of Bristol, UK

Editorial Advisory Board

Felicity Boardman, Warwick University, UK

Christine Cheyne, Massey University, New Zealand

Thomas Elston, University of Oxford, UK

Isabelle Engeli, University of Bath, UK

Ting Gong, City University, Hong Kong

Julia Gumy, University of Bristol, UK

John Hudson, University of York, UK

Shona Hunter, University of Leeds, UK

Yijia Jing, Fudan University, China

Fiona MacKay, University of Edinburgh, UK

Paul Maginn, University of Western Australia

Michael Moran, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Jon Pierre, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Mark Purcell, University of Washington, USA

R. A. W. Rhodes, University of Southampton, UK and Griffith University, Australia

Richard Simmons, University of Stirling, UK

Thomas Schillemans, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Katherine Smith, Edinburgh University, UK

Randall Smith, University of Bristol, UK

Eva Sørensen, Roskilde University, Denmark

Diane Stone, Murdoch University, Australia

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