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Policy & Politics: Advancing knowledge in public and social policy
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Sarah Ayres, University of Bristol
Matthew Flinders, University of Sheffield and Murdoch University

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Four issues per annum: January, April, July and October 
ISSN: 0305 5736 Online ISSN: 1470-8442
Social Science Citation Index: Impact Factor: 0.952 (2yr), 1.261 (5yr)
18 of 46 in Public Administration, 56 of 161 in Political Science

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Governance and the media: exploring the linkages
B. Guy Peters


The politics of the new social policies: providing coverage against new social risks in mature welfare states
Giuliano Bonoli

Political control or legitimacy deficit? Bureaucracies’ symbolic response to bottom-up public pressures
Saar Alon-Barkat & Sharon Gilad


Thematic Review: Welfare regime debate: past, present, futures?
Emanuele Ferragina and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Media and public accountability: typology and exploration
Sandra Jacobs & Thomas Schillemans


The politics of behaviour change: nudge, neoliberalism and the state
Will Leggett

Managing commercialised media attention in complex governance networks: positive and negative effects on network performance
Erik Hans Klijn


Volunteering for all? Explaining patterns of volunteering and identifying strategies to promote it
Irene Hardill, Sue Baines, 6 Perri

The mediatisation of university governance: A theoretical and empirical exploration of some side-effects
Andres Friedrichsmeier & Frank Marcinkowski


Weathering the perfect storm? Austerity and institutional resilience in local government
Vivien Lowndes, Kerry McCaughie

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