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Children and young people's worlds
Developing frameworks for integrated practice

Heather Montgomery, Mary Kellett
Paperback, 272 pages, 240 x 172 mm
Other formats available
08 Jul 2009


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"Extremely useful for a number of the modules being delivered and will be included in the suggested reading list that students received."
Susan Feltman, North Hertfordshire College
"How do issues of theory and practice converge in the area of children's rights and participation? This collection brings impressive scope, specificity and insight to that key question."
Barrie Thorne, University of California, Berkeley, US
"By linking the local to the global, this book presents a wide-ranging multi-disciplinary focus on various aspects of children's lives. Collectively the chapters effectively demonstrate the integration of theory and practice through the use of relevant and informative case studies. "
Professor Madeleine Leonard, School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work Queen's University, Belfast

About This Book

This comprehensive reader combines post-graduate level theory with contemporary case studies to illustrate and analyse the complications of children and young people's lived experiences in the UK and worldwide in the early 21st century. Authors in several fields of childhood and youth studies apply their expertise to areas such as young people and the law, children's rights, child protection, sexuality, participation, politics and family life. Using the voices of the children and young people themselves, key topics illustrate important contemporary issues in the study of childhood and youth and show how these impact on policy initiatives and practical interventions in children's lives.

Author Biography

Heather Montgomery is Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies at the Open University. A social anthropologist by training, her research interests are in the anthropology of childhood, children's rights and gender and sexuality. Mary Kellett is Professor of Childhood and Youth and Director of the Childhood and Youth Studies programme at the Open University. Her main research interests are the empowerment of children and young people as researchers, disabilities, rights, participation and voice. She is the Founding Director of the Children's Research Centre which facilitates and supports research by children and young people.


Children, young people and their families ~ Virginia Morrow
The family in an international context ~ Heather Montgomery
Culture and religion ~ Anoop Nayak
The child and politics in the UK ~ Nigel Thomas
International politics ~ Heather Montgomery
Children, young people and poverty ~ Tess Ridge
Consumerism and marketing ~ David Buckingham and Sara Bragg
Children, young people and the law ~ Phil Bates
Participation ~ Mary Kellett
Ethnicity ~ Anoop Nayak
Sexuality ~ Mary Jane Kehily
Children's rights ~ Phil Bates
Child protection ~ Judith Masson
Voice ~ Mary Kellett.


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