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ASBO nation

ASBO nation
The criminalisation of nuisance

Peter Squires
Paperback, 392 pages, 234 x 156 mm
Other formats available
11 Jun 2008


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North America customers can order this book here from the University of Chicago Press.

"Overall, this is a useful addition to an accumulating stock of excellent texts on the topic of anti-social behaviour. It will, I am sure, be added to reading lists by those who teach criminal justice policy to undergraduates, and who want to direct students to the range of areas in which the current obsession with ASBOs can be found."
British Journal of Criminology
"this book will certainly be of interest to students, academics, practitioners and policy-makers alike. Engaging, well-structured and, at times, provocative.... ....of excellent quality."
Prison Service Journal
"The social construction of 'anti-social behaviour', together with the extension and dispersal of interventions, sanctions and, ultimately, punishments targeted at the 'anti-social', comprise some of the most controversial policy developments of the New Labour era. This timely volume critically illuminates the origins, applications and impact of such phenomena. It makes essential reading for researchers, students, policy-makers and practitioners alike."
Barry Goldson, Professor of Criminology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool

About This Book

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) has been a major preoccupation of New Labour's project of social and political renewal, with ASBOs a controversial addition to crime and disorder management powers. Thought by some to be a dangerous extension of the power to criminalise, by others as a vital dimension of local governance, there remains a concerning lack of evidence as to whether or not they compound social exclusion. This collection, from an impressive panel of contributors, brings together opinion, commentary, research evidence, professional guidance, debate and critique in order to understand the phenomenon of anti-social behaviour. It considers the earliest available evidence in order to evaluate the Government's ASB strategy, debates contrasting definitions of anti-social behaviour and examines policy and practice issues affected by it. Contributors ask what the recent history of ASB governance tells us about how the issue will develop to shape public and social policies in the years to come. Reflecting the perspectives of practitioners, victims and perpetrators, the book should become the standard text in the field.

Author Biography

Peter Squires is Professor of Criminology and Public Policy at the University of Brighton.


Introduction: Why 'anti-social behaviour?' Debating ASBOs ~ Peter Squires
Part One: Why tackle anti-social behaviour? ~Jessica Jacobson, Andrew Millie and Mike Hough
Resilient Fabians? Anti-social behaviour and community safety work in Wales ~ Adam Edwards and Gordon Hughes
Towards a balanced and practical approach to anti-social behaviour management ~ Gillian Mayfield and Andy Mills
Lost in translation: interpreting and implementing anti-social behaviour policies ~ Roger Matthews and Daniel Briggs
Part Two: Governing through localism, contract and community: evidence from anti-social behaviour strategies in Scotland ~ Rionach Casey and John Flint
Anti-social behaviour and minority ethnic populations ~ David Prior and Basia Spalek
The ASBO and the shift to punishment ~ Elizabeth Burney
A probation officer's story ~ Mike Guilfoyle
Part Three: Rationalising family intervention projects ~ Sadie Parr and Judy Nixon
Street life, neighbourhood policing and 'the community' ~ Stephen Moore
Room for resistance? Parenting Orders, disciplinary power and the production of 'the bad parent' ~ Amanda Holt
Cameras, cops and contracts: what anti-social behaviour management feels like to young people ~ Carlie Goldsmith
'ASBO youth': rhetoric and realities ~ Brian McIntosh
'Binge drinking', anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related disorder: Examining the 2003 Licensing Act ~ Paul Norris and Derek Williams
The criminalisation of intoxication ~ Fiona Measham and Karenza Moore
ASBOs and working women: a new revolving door? ~ Jo Phoenix
Part Four: 'ASBOmania' ~ Shami Chakrabarti and Jago Russell
The responsibility of respecting justice: an open challenge to Tony Blair's successors ~ Dawn E Stephen
Asocial not anti-social: the 'Respect Agenda' and the 'therapeutic me' ~ Stuart Waiton
Conclusion: the future of anti-social behaviour? ~ Peter Squires.


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