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Regulating international students' wellbeing

Gaby Ramia, Simon Marginson, Erlenawati Sawir
Hardback, 208 pages, 234 x 156 mm
19 Jun 2013


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North America customers can order this book here from the University of Chicago Press.

“Universities and governments want to attract international students, but rarely consider student wellbeing. This book's account of critical issues, with two national good practice case studies, is essential reading for international education policymakers.” Dean Forbes, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor, Flinders University, Australia
“This is a welcome study of the regulatory problems associated with increased mobility by international students. It identifies different approaches for balancing the role of markets and forms of public regulation. The book shines a light on weaknesses in current methods of supporting students and ensuring that their welfare remains paramount and is not overshadowed by competitive pressures on host institutions.” Mark Considine, Professor of Political Science and Dean of Arts, University of Melbourne

About This Book

Cross-border education is a fast growing and diverse global market, but little is known about how international students actually live. Using international and cross-country comparative analysis, this book explores how governments influence international student welfare, and how students shape their own opportunities. As well as formal regulation by government, ‘informal regulation’ through students’ family, friendship and co-student networks proves vital to the overseas experience. Two case study countries - Australia and New Zealand - are presented and compared in detail. These are placed in the global regulatory and market contexts, with lessons for similar exporter countries drawn. Regulating international students’ wellbeing will be of interest to international students, student representative bodies, education policy makers and administrators, as well as civil servants and policy makers in international organisations. Students and researchers of international and comparative social policy will be drawn into its focus on a little understood but vulnerable global population.

Author Biography

Gaby Ramia is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Government, University of Sydney. His research interests are in international and comparative social policy. Simon Marginson is Professor of Higher Education at University of Melbourne, Australia, and joint Editor-in-Chief of the journal Higher Education. Erlenawati Sawir is Research Fellow in the International Education Research Centre at Central Queensland University, Australia. Her research interests are in international education and sociolinguistics.


Introduction: Global students and their discontents
Governing globalisation? National regulation and international student welfare
Fast growing, diverse: Mapping the business of international education
‘There’s gold in them thar students!’
Australia and New Zealand in the global market
Much regulation, minimal protection: The Australian model
Pastoral care, minimal information: The New Zealand model
Different frameworks, similar outcomes: Comparing Australia and New Zealand
Doing it differently: National re-regulation and trans-national student citizens
Conclusion: Managing student mobility.


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Regulating international students' wellbeing
This is a great book. I have learnt a lot from how the host government should take care of international students. This book also reflects on my experiences as an international student. The recommendations provided by the book are very useful for policy decision makers.
Reviewed by Rottanak Theam

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